Online Meal Ordering and Pick-up

All children in the district will be served free meals.

USDA announced the extension of the Summer Food Service Program and Shelley School District has chosen to participate.

What does this mean for you and your kids?

All kids will be able to eat free, with or without an application on file. 

This starts Tuesday September 8, 2020. This includes breakfast and lunch. This is for children ages 1-18. We will serve to our enrolled students daily as usual. For online students or preschool children we will serve frozen grab n go meals. Order online on the district website on the Child Nutrition page. If you have questions please contact Barbara Pearson at 208-357-7435 x1201 or

We are excited to provide weekly curbside meal pick-up for ALL children 1-18 years of age. These meals are for any student who is not attending one of our five schools. Those children will continue to be fed during their regular lunch times.

Order Form


How to order: click on the link above.

Orders are accepted from Monday 11 am until Friday 9 am.

To receive meals parents/guardians need to submit a weekly order using the link provided above. Orders are due on Friday by 9 am. We are providing 4 days of breakfast and lunch.

To complete the form you will need the student's name and 6-digit ID number or birth date (mmddyy) for children not attending school. The student ID can be found in PowerSchool, asking your student, by contacting the school or the Food & Nutrition Services office at 208-357-7435 x1201. 

For assistance, please contact the Food & Nutrition Services office at 208-357-7435  #5.

How and where to pick-up meals

Meals will be picked up from 10am-10:30am at Stuart Elementary, 475 W Center. Enter through the parent drop off area. You will be asked to provide students name(s) and ID number(s). Parents with students at multiple schools will pick up all meals at Stuart.

Students do not need to be present to pick up meals, BUT only a parent or guardian can pick-up meals for their student. Meals are intended to be eaten off site. 

Curbside Meals menus

Look for Curbside Menus on the Menus page! They are located with the other menus.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Will there be a cost for meals that are served curbside or those being served at school? 

A: At this time ALL meals will be free for students ages 1-18. If a child purchases a second lunch or al a carte items such as milk, they will be charged for these items.

Q: Do I have to pick up meals from my student's home school?

A: No. You do not need to pick up meals from your student's school.  At this time all meals will be picked up at Stuart Elementary.  Meals for multiple students will be picked up at Stuart, but it is important to note that a new form MUST be completed for EACH week. If your older children are attending school in one of our five buildings you cannot get meals for them.

Q: How will the meals be prepared?

A: Meals will consist of refrigerated items, ready-to-eat shelf stable foods, and frozen foods that may require cooking before eating. Cooking and handling instructions will be provided for appropriate food items.

Q: Will I have a choice of meals?

A:  Not at this time